Concord American Little League
League Policy


Concord American Little League (hereinafter referred to as CALL) is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. There are no paid positions within our league. All families are expected to participate in the daily operation of our league. There are many areas of which your participation is needed, from managers to field maintenance workers.

Volunteer Policy: Each family is required to pay an $80.00 volunteer deposit. Families will be given a volunteer scorecard to keep with them throughout the season. It is suggested that it be kept in the glove compartment so that you do not forget it on the day you volunteer. You must have the scorecard filled out and signed by an authorized representative as states on the back of the scorecard. This will be necessary to obtain your refund.
Each family must receive 10 points* per season to qualify for a refund. *Note, for each additional child, the family must earn an additional 2 points, up to a total of 14 points. Families of T-Ball players are required to raise a total of 8 points up to a total of 12.
Upon completion of volunteer shifts, you shall complete your volunteer scorecard and mail it to the address indicated on the card. All cards will be gathered up to July 31, 2009 and approved for reimbursement. Checks will be issued and mailed by 8/15/09.
Failure to show up for your shift will result in the loss of 2 points. Failure to complete your volunteer time will result in the in forfeit of your volunteer fee. If you cannot make a scheduled assignment, you must find a replacement.

Fundraisers: Concord American depends on fundraisers. Each family will pay a $50 fundraising deposit. There are events throughout the season that require your participation. All families are required to raise the minimum amount specified in the Fundraising Agreement. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of deposit.

Refund policy: Once the final fundraiser has been completed and volunteer vouchers your volunteer fee will be refunded once the Auxiliary Director has received the signed voucher. This starts after the main fundraiser has been completed. If you do not participate in the main fundraiser, and you did not pay the buyout fee, the $40.00 fee will be deducted from your volunteer deposit. You will not receive a refund if you do not volunteer or if you only volunteer a partial shift.

Player Cancellation: If a player signs up to play with CALL there is a policy of reimbursement. If you do cancel or your child is unable to play for one reason or another, there is a $35 administrative fee which will automatically be deducted from your fee. The remainder of the money will be determined by our Board of Directors based on the timing of your request. Be advised that any drops after tryout dates will not receive a refund.

Returned Checks: All returned checks will be subject to a $50 processing fee, as well as any bank charges incurred by CALL. This fee along with the original amount of the check is due within ten in the form of a cashiers check. If the amount is not paid, CALL retains the right to pursue the matter legally. In the event any member(s) checks are repeatedly returned due to insufficient
Funds, CALL reserves the right to require such member(s) to pay in cash.

Code of Conduct: Each family receives and signs a Parent Code of Conduct. This agreement between you and CALL states that you will respect the children that play on our fields. Once you have signed the agreement, you will be held responsible for your actions while in the CALL complexes. There will be no foul language, no smoking and no alcohol. There will be no name calling or harassment of players, coaches or umpires. Our complexes will remain a safe place for our families. CALL reserves the right to ask any person to adjust their language or attitude. If there is no success in the request, CALL has the right to eject anyone that is a threat or nuisance to our league.

Background Checks: Every person within CALL is subject to a Background Check should that person have repetitive access to players. This includes but is not limited to Board members, managers, coaches, team moms, umpires, team safety parents. Background check will be performed by the League Information Officer and the contents of said findings will be viewed only by said officer and league President only. All volunteer vouchers are kept in a safe and shredded at end of season.

Complex Safety: CALL maintains complex rules for the safety of the children in our league. Please make note of the following: SPEED LIMIT is always 5 mph or less. This is the kid’s fields and their place to play. It is not unusual for a child to dart out in between cars. You will be asked to keep you speed under 5 miles per hour by any Boars Member in the complex at any given time. We request that you remember the code of conduct and do not get angry with the official asking you to slow down. We cannot express our concern over this enough. NO SMOKING AND NO ALCOHOL POSSESION IS ALLOWED. NO BATS OR BALL THROWING ALLOWED IN EITHER COMPLEX UNLESS YOU ARE ON A FIELD UNDER PROPER SUPERVISION.

No Animals are not allowed on the complex grounds. You will be asked to remove your animals, no matter how small, from the complex. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to take proper action to remove the animal while maintaining their safety.

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