Meeting called to order 7:05pm

Tony DeCesare, President

Ernie Lewis met with Tony and informed him that the league must follow the constitution that he gave to Tony a couple meetings ago.  All leagues have been instructed to use this constitution as well as nationwide.

There will be a safe deposit box obtained at the bank for all important league papers.  This will prevent any loss of important papers.  Mike Galindo, the first Vice President will have a key in case Tony cannot access the papers.

According to District 4, an audit of last year’s books is mandatory.  We need to obtain a qualified CPA immediately and Tony is working on this with Dan.  Little League will pursue any individuals who have stolen any money.

Dan needs to submit monthly treasurer reports to District 4.  We seem to be on the up and up for this year, but we do need to put a PO system into place.  Tony will have Dan talk direct to Ernie Lewis about this process.

Concord Athletic League has folded.  Tony has contacted several parents and is anticipating additional signups due to this event.

Dick’s tryouts for softball are on the major field Saturday, all others on the AAA field.  All tryouts to be held on the grass – No tryouts on the dirt, too wet.

Kelley Moore is donating 100 gallons of green paint to the league.  Joe Santos will be painting all fields starting with Mt. Diablo.

Board meetings are going to long.  We all need to handle individual issues between the board members outside of the meeting.

Board of Directors meeting this Saturday after tryouts to discuss picking of teams.

Sandy Barnhardt was present and presented the Little League Day at the A’s for this year.  It is May 21st, As vs. Twins.  Field level $10.00, Plaza $8.00, Upper $6.00.
Question ands Answer session 9:15 – 10:00 and Parade 10:30-11:30.  Lunch provided and kids can run bases after game.  T-shirts this year for kids.

This year all money needs to go to District 4 and they will forward to A’s.  Deadline for payment is April 1st.  All team moms need to turn in their ticket requests by April 3rd at next team mom’s meeting.

Mt. Diablo snack shack had an attempt of break-in on Sunday the 16th.  The kids were caught and Tony encouraged them to sign-up for baseball this year.  They will help clean up our fields for a few days also.

Nominations:  We have on Board position available.  The nominees are:  Bill Finn, Dawn Bristol and Mary Bishop.

Voted on, Bill Finn elected.  Bill Finn accepted position as secretary.

Shawn Stoops, Chief Umpire

After Saturday, a waiting list will be started for kids in the A-Major divisions.  T-Ball and interleague excluded.  We may need to hold one more tryout depending on additional kids.

District 4 Umpires clinic is March 4-5 at Mt. Diablo fields and High School.  Umpires need two fields, Craig mentioned major and AAA will be reserved for this.

Proposed the snack shack be used for preparation and purchase of food.  We need two people for each day.  Shawn will take care of the food purchases.

We need two major teams and one senior team to run field mechanics.  Any volunteers please call Shawn.

We are expecting about 110 umpires to show up.

Mike Galindo, Vice President

Has looked into shirts and/or jackets for board members.  Team Jacket with logo is $27, golf shirt $23, sweatshirt with hood $25, crew sweatshirt $22.  Hats are $17.

Board members will be purchasing their own items.  If they want to purchase their own shirt, the logo can be out on for $7.  This is not a mandatory purchase for board members.

If you are coaching or managing a team, your board status is revoked for that period.  You do not wear your shirt.  Only outside of games so that our members can recognize us easily and come to us if they have questions.  Turn all orders into Mike.

Craig Gietzen, Safety Officer

Looking for paint.  Someone picked up paint in October or November from Ace Hardware donated to the league.  Tim Hovland stated he believes it is in the Olivera shack.

Received bleacher bid.  To replace all bleachers is $32000.00   Obviously we are not in a position to do that.  We can get 3 row bleachers for $800.00 each.  We need at least six.

Within the next two weeks the ventilation and fan at the Mt. Diablo snack shack will be fixed.  The bathrooms are also being gutted and completely redone.

Once all field reps have been named, work parties will begin.

Saturday inventory is being taken of equipment.  A date will be set for managers to pick up their equipment and at that time they will also be informed of the turn in date.

Kathy Sheehan, Auxiliary Director

Golf tournament meeting has been set for January 24th at the Water District.
We are aggressively looking for volunteers to sign up for our committees and also we need to all start getting signups.

Can we earmark money received for golf tournament for a specific need within the league?  According to Dan, this is not a good idea this year due to our financial position.  Possibly in the future we can do something like that.

Tommy T’s.  Cutoff for ticket purchase is April 3rd.  Everyone needs to start selling tickets outside of the league also to their friends.  We have 250 tickets to sell.

Fifty donation letters have been mailed for request for prizes for our fundraisers.

The Cookie dough company has increased our profit per tub by .25 and has agreed to pay for all prizes.  Cookie dough sale will go through March 25th and all cookie dough will be delivered to the snack shack on April 8th.

Discussion held on roster book.  If we are going to publish one this year we need to assign the responsibility to someone and set a date for publishing.  Bill Finn will handle.

Dan Murphy, Treasurer

Discussion held on league policy.  Changes to policy about whether child should be moved up, change to teams.  Before we could vote to force a child to move up.  This had some negative results.  We would like it to be that we can vote to make an exception for the child to stay where they are if requested.

We need to make sure no teams are changed during last two weeks of season.

Discussion held regarding the decision of top three players to be moved up.  Having managers decide when a child moves up.  Mike stated that it is the job of the board to decide and we should stick to that responsibility.

Also discussed whether a child should be frozen from play during decision.  Kids have paid to play and it is not fair to have them not play during our process per Bill Finn.  Appeal process is 72 hours.

Motion made to freeze player if child is requested to move up.  Voted.
5 in favor, 6 opposed.  Defeated.

Proposed amendments to include 11 year olds in AA division.  Change 11&12 years olds in AA to 12 year olds (Article V #2), 1o year olds to 11&10 year olds (#3).

Dick mentioned we need to change wording in constitution.  7 year olds cannot play minor softball.  They need to qualify in baseball prior to going to softball.

Limit of 10 year olds has been removed.

Further discussion on lateral moves and order of players nominated.  Tony suggested we all read constitution and proposed amendments and they will be voted on at Saturday’s meeting.

We deposited $12000. From the signups on the 3rd.  This pushes our player fees to $33000., we budgeted for $40000.  With the additional push on T-Ball, we can hit our budget.

Snack Shack broke even to date.

Sponsorship is half way to goal.  We need an additional $8000.00

$10000 in Bank.  We have $8000 in outstanding debt.  $3000 is earmarked for challenger.

We are depending on fundraisers to cover our overhead cost from June till the 2001 signups.

Tim Hovland, Player Agent

A new T-Ball flyer is being done.  We will add contribution of $80.00 and ask people to mail in.  T-Ball teams will be completed by first board meeting in February.

After 9:30 tryouts Saturday, all kids will be blind draft.

Marcy Busse, Player Agent

Nothing to report

Jim Brophy, Player Agent

Mt. Diablo needs port-a-potty picked up.  Gave information to Tony.  Also, they can pick up at olivera but need a key.

Dick Stoddard, Vice President

Went to District 4 meeting.  District 4 has insurance that covers players but it is a secondary policy.  Which means it kicks in after your initial insurance.  We have no dental insurance.

Property Players.  If we have a property player who moves out of boundaries him and his siblings can continue to play in our league until that player is finished in the major league at which time all family members need to move to their own league,

Greg Lisle, Sponsors/Public Relations

Still anticipating more sponsors.  Still no response from last years sponsors.

Proposed that as a board we need to have a list of our top 5-10 priorities and focus on those.  We all have our own responsibilities but when we are not busy, maybe help someone else where needed.

Ralph May, Vice President

Nothing to report.

New Business:

Next Board meeting is February 3rd at 7:00 in room #210 at Concord High.

Meeting adjourned 10:00

Submitted by:
Kathy Sheehan, Auxiliary Director

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