Meeting called to order at 6:39 by Mike Galindo, Acting President

Ernie Lewis, District 4, was present.  He stated that District 4 was in receipt of a letter regarding funding issues and stated that the District needs an accounting in order to request reimbursement from the insurance carrier.  Mike Galindo explained that he has been researching the records and has found five possible events.   Ernie expressed the District's support in pursuing this issue with the insurance carrier.

Ernie also explained the recent invoice received for tournament expenses and explained what was included.

In addition, Ernie went over the rule that requires a player to be part of a team during the season in order to be elegible to play in a tournament on that team. He explained that if a first place team is unable to field a team for tournament play, the next eligible team in line would go – normally the second place team.

An interpretation was requested regarding a portion of the rulebook for the International Tournament.  The rule book states, “…a team of 14 players”.  Ernie explained that this was a maximum number and that if a league wanted to send a team with as few as 10 players that would be okay.  Ernie also stated that CALL would only be allowed to send one TOC team in each division next year.  Each league will be required to provide umpires and if an umpire does not show up for an assigned game that team will be dropped from the tournament.

The Board discussed the structure it would carry in the 2001 Season.  Mike explained what the current structure was and why the Board agreed to the structure last year.  Questions were raised and discussed regarding other possible structures.  A motion was made and passed to maintain the current structure.

Mike explained the CALL philosophy that Challenger is a part of the League.  Fundraisers, fees, sponsorships, etc., are done as a league for the good of the whole league.  Further discussions ensued about the role of Challenger as a part of the league.

The structure for the 2000 Season will be:

    Vice President – Little League (Majors, Minors, AA)
    Vice President – Instructional (T-ball and A)
    Vice President – Interleague (Challenger, Softball, Big League)
    Player Agent – Little League (Majors, Minors, AA)
    Player Agent – Instructional (T-ball and A)
    Player Agent – Interleague (Challenger, Softball, Big League)
    Auxiliary Director
    Sponsorship Director
    Safety Officer

The restrictions of each position were explained to the new board members, i.e. player agents cannot manage a team in the division that they are the player agent for, etc.

Nominations were made for each position and voted on separately.  The results were:

    Craig Gietzen - President
    Mike Galindo - Vice President – Little League (Majors, Minors, AA)
    Chris Sheehan - Vice President – Instructional (T-ball and A)
    Dick Stoddard - Vice President – Interleague (Challenger, Softball, Big League)
    Mike Costello - Player Agent – Little League (Majors, Minors, AA)
    Tim Hovland - Player Agent – Instructional (T-ball and A)
    Jim Brophy - Player Agent – Interleague (Challenger, Softball, Big League)
    Dorothy Sansoe - Secretary
    Bill Finn - Treasurer
    Kathy Sheehan - Auxiliary Director
    Greg Lisle - Sponsorship Director
    Greg Savage - Safety Officer

Appointment to non-board positions was reserved until the new board assumes their duties at the next meeting.

Kathy Sheehan presented the Board with information on a software program that could be used to maintain player data, sponsorship information, statistics, rosters, etc.  Several questions were raised which Kathy will research.

Kathy also stated that she looked into the cost of NCR registration forms and found that they were approximately $390 for 1,200 – for a two-year supply.

Craig Gietzen asked the forms committee if is could have them developed for discussion at the next meeting.  The committee (Kathy Sheehan, Bill Finn, and Dorothy Sansoe) stated they would be ready for discussion.

Dean Hollenbeck has expressed interest in maintaining fields during the off season and that he is ordering the uniforms for fall ball.  Mike explained that fall ball games would be Saturdays and Mondays.

Craig stated that he had received two complaints about there not being a sponsor/roster book this year.  Greg Lisle said the sponsor plaques were being distributed this week.

Mike Galindo requested that Kathy Sheehan and Bill Finn present a final report on the Snack Shack and the financial condition at the next meeting.


Meeting Adjourned at 9:16

Next Meeting will be held September 7th, 6:30, Contra Costa Water District

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