Meeting called to order 8:00 p.m.

Tony DerCesare

First order of business was to pass out and review the calendars for the upcoming tournaments CALL is hosting 33 tournament games!

Discussion took place and explanations were provided regarding:

? How the All Stars are chosen
? How coaches are picked
? Cost of the Tournament of Champions and the International Tournament
? Need for tournament directors and assistant directors

Kathy Sheehan asked the Board members to e-mail her with the dates and times they could work the snack shack during the tournaments.

Mike Galindo and Marcy Busse volunteered to make up All Star ballots to be handed out June 10th.

Dick Stoddard pointed out that the International Tournament is scheduled to be played at Tosco which has 80 base paths.  Tournament rules require 90 base paths.  Craig Gietzen will check into this.

Fall Ball Tony has not received any calls.  Tim has received two.  March and Tim will make up flyers to be posted at the fields.

Tony has received a lot of calls from parents complaining that children are only playing the bare minimum required.  He asked the Vice Presidents to talk to the managers about making sure that no one player plays all of every game to the detriment of other players.

AAA Dodgers only have nine players plus one injured player.  A lot of games need to be made up because they did not have enough players to field a team.  The player agents agreed to get together and fill 2 spots on the roster. Discussion was opened regarding disbanding the Dodgers and it was agreed that this would not be done.  It was also agreed that two games would be forfeit and the others re-scheduled.

Craig Gietzen

Craig explained the difference in the jerseys available for All Stars and the prices.  It was moved, seconded and passed to purchase recyclable jerseys at $24.95.  A second motion carried to purchase $10 hats.

Discussion on trophies was tabled until our next meeting.

There have been problems with things not being locked up.  Craig reminded everyone to be sure things are locked up each night.

There are a lot of weeds popping up.  Field reps will organize work parties to clean tem up and pick up any garbage so the fields look good for the tournaments.

Kathy Sheehan

A water heater needs to be installed at the Olivera snack shack.  There has not been a working water heater for over four weeks.

Shawn Stoops

Election of next seasons Board will be held on June 10th.  An item will be included n the newsletter to go out June 2nd.  Nominations are due June 1st.  Dan Murphy, Greg Savage and Dawn Bristol were recruited to help.

New Business

Discussion was held regarding closing day ceremonies.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30.

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