Tony DeCesare

There have been some players that still have not been contacted, we are doing our best to contact everyone as quickly as we can.

A lot of work has been put into the fields, please be careful when using them.

Discussion held on refunding three players the money.  Will refund according to policy.

Marcy Busse

Signups are closed.

Jim Brophy


Craig Gietzen

Speaking first for Greg Lisle – Sponsors are coming along great.  We have 5 major teams, 4 AAA, 3 AA, 4 A and 2 T-Ball teams sponsored so far.

Got wood covering for girl’s softball bleachers.  We are able to afford to get the major fields bleachers wrapped in cyclone.

Opening day is on track, we will start selling BBQ tickets on the 14th.

Uniforms need to be consistent throughout the league.  Encourage parents to purchase shirts and hats for themselves.

Physicals March 6th, Bethel Baptist, by Dr. Oranje.

Tim Hovland

A 10 year old who was drafted to the Majors has requested to go back to AAA.  He is not ready to be playing in this division and feels very intimidated.  Tony and Tim have both met with the child and the grandparents and the boy will not play if he has to stay in majors.

According to Dan Murphy, policy states that a major player cannot move back to AAA.  Per Tim, a player can be released from Majors and reapply for waiting list on AAA.

Much discussion was held on policies vs. compassion.  As a board, we need to be compassionate to the kids and listen when there is a problem.  Cases like this are rare and need to be handled on a case by case basis and not just handled out of a rulebook.

A motion was made to release the player from the Majors and put him on a waiting list for AAA.  Voted and passed, with Dan Murphy opposing.

Shawn Stoops

Local league rules clinic March 18th from 9-1 at Mt. Diablo fields.

Open to all managers, coaches and parents.

Dan Murphy


Kathy Sheehan

Team mom meeting was very successful, had a very good turnout.   Only need about three more team mom names.

Discussion held on if a child does not participate in fundraiser and did not pay $40, can we charge at end of season.  We cannot do that being as it was not indicated on our application but we can incorporate that for next year.

Next meeting for golf tournament is March 20th at the water district.

Opening day will be here soon, will need to get the petty cash box at the next board meeting for selling membership, papa murphys, etc.  Tim will get that to Dan and Dan to bring to next board meeting.

All vice presidents and player agents need to contact Kathy if they know of anyone leaving the league so they can be removed from the newsletter mailing list.

Snack Shack – We need a policy on stocking the shack and paying for it.  Kathy does not want a check made payable to her for cashing and cannot front money for this type of expense.  Dan said she would have to shop where accounts can be opened.  Kathy stated that that is impossible.  She will be shopping at Sams and Smart and Final.  We cannot have two checking accounts, two signatures are required on all checks and we cannot have a VISA.

It was determined, that Dan will have to supply Kathy with blank checks payable to Sams and Smart and Final and she will fill in the dollar amount.  Those checks are to be available at the next board meeting.

Kathy to come up with an opening/closing schedule for next board meeting.

Also, requested that Dan start bring the checkbook to every board meeting.  Dan said no because then everyone wants checks and he misses the meeting.  Kathy stated that she emailed Dan with a notice she will need a check at this board meeting.  Tony and Mike also needed checks.   Tony decided that Dan will have to bring the checkbook to every meeting and checks will have to be written after the meeting.

Dick Stoddard

10-12 year old girls cardinals still has openings

Everything else is full.  Interleague schedule should be out soon.

Mike Galindo

Rosters have been finalized.  Interviewing coaches over the next three weeks.  Need people to help.

His contact is ready with the silkscreen to make our sweatshirts.  Three color screen, $25 hooded, $20 crew.  Checks are made payable to league, we then make one check to the company. Can order anytime, needs at least 2 dozen to an order.

New Business

We need to discuss changes to our policy.  We need to decide what out objective is and how we are to deal with the parents and children.  Are we Little League competitive or Baseball compassionate.

Meeting closed at 9:30 to open forum, private meeting of board members only opened at 9:35.

This special meeting is regarding challenger league.

We have dissatisfaction on both sides, Tony has gone to Western Region for clarification.

There are age requirements in challenger.  Players are age 5-18 with no exceptions.  Our insurance does not cover players over 18 and if we allow older players to play, we are subject to losing our charter.

Being as Janie from District 4 advised Jim Brophy differently as to procedures, it was recommended that this year we take all older players and make them assistant coaches so they are not removed all together.  We do not want to turn them away.

Dick Stoddard is working with western region trying to bring us into conformity with challenger as far as policies and fees are concerned.

A meeting with Ernie Lewis of District 4, Dan, Tony and Jim was proposed.  As Ernie Lewis could not attend, Jim opted not to attend either.

It was discussed that challenger is required to pay 7% of all CALL bills.  Player fee is in question.  Western Region is stating that challenger needs to pay a player fee.  Whether it me individually done or by sponsor.  Membership fees do apply to challenger.

Challenger kids need to be treated equal to rest of the league.  No special treatment, No free sodas, no pizza parties, they participate in events and fundraisers.

Discussion also held on older kids being asst. coaches.  Only three coaches are allowed per team.

Tony stated that we would be getting more clarification from Western Region.

Tony further stated that what takes place at our board meetings stays between us.  No one is to go to Ernie Lewis after the board meetings and complain or question decisions.  Tony is the voice to district 4, we need to go through him.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00

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