Meeting of the Board of Directors

Concord High School, Room 210

Craig Gietzen Tim Hovland Ken Colombo Kathy Sheehan
Greg Savage Dick Stoddard Dorothy Sansoe Greg Lisle
Bill Finn Chris Sheehan
ABSENT: Mike Galindo, Thaddeus Watkins
Meeting called to order at 6:20 p.m.
Sign ups will be held during tryout again this Saturday. If it rains the tryout will be postponed until February 3rd. If the fields are in poor condition due to rain, tryouts will be moved to the black top at Mt Diablo High School. Someone will be posted at the gate to direct people.
We have received the League Charter from National. He also received the access code and password to MyTeam.com. The code and password will be distributed to Board members.
Mike Galindo and Skip Weinstock have been working on schedules. At present it appears that a 20 game schedule works best for the Major Division, and a 24 game schedule for the AAA Division. They are scheduling around the Memorial Day weekend and Easter weekend.
Greg Savage has ordered all the uniforms but one senior level team.
Chris Sheehan presented the final change to the league policy for the Single A Division. Motion was made and passed to accept the changes.
Kathy presented options for the company who will take team pictures and the board discussed the different packages available. Kathy will obtain additional information on the pricing and options.

Discussion of various fundraisers was held. Kathy will try to book a couple of dates for car washes at local gas stations.

Kathy is also looking into booking Little League Day with the A’s again this year.

Painting is ready to begin at the Mt Diablo snack shack but the roof needs attention again. Craig will check with Mr. Johnston to see what can be done.

A motion was made and carried to purchase shirts for any board member in need of one. Mike Galindo will coordinate orders.
A motion was made regarding the policy on the purchasing of bats. This motion was passed. A second motion was made to purchase 3 bats for each Junior and Senior softball team for a total of six bats not to exceed $500. Motion passed. 
Discussion was held regarding the possibility of contracting out to provide manager clinics. Additional information will be gathered on cost for further discussion.
The dumpster at Olivera seems to have disappeared. Tim Hovland will check it out and see if we can get an extra dumpster put at Mt Diablo for Opening Day.
Ken Colombo presented the idea of a company taking action photos during the year that could be purchased by parents. He will get additional information.
Chris reminded the Board that Olivera is again being neglected. Clean up and field maintenance will start on these fields in the next week or two.
Craig will be placing calls to all unpaid players’ parents. Tim will call all new sign ups to schedule tryouts
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


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