Board Meeting

Concord High School

Craig Gietzen Mike Galindo Ken Colombo
Greg Savage Dick Stoddard Dorothy Sansoe
Thaddeus Watkins Chris Sheehan Tim Hovland
ABSENT: Greg Lisle, Bill Finn, Kathy Sheehan
Meeting called to order at 6:50 p.m.
The sprinkler repairs at Mt Diablo are nearly done. Mr. Barosso will be supplying us with a quote for Olivera. Dick Stoddard will set up an appointment to meet with him.

Dick Stoddard is looking into the possibility of skinning the grass off of the infield at the Olivera softball complex. He already has a new pitchers mound plate ready to set and is looking to the cost of infield dirt

Craig was asked if the league was interested in purchasing pins from District 4. Cost is approximately $500 for T-Ball, Challenger and Single A. No motion was made. CALL will not be participating. 

Craig asked Kathy Sheehan to send out another newsletter before Christmas if possible.

Greg Lisle is going to get a hold of Mr. Candiotti and Craig will try to get Willie McGee for opening day.

Opening Day Committee has decided not to do clinics this year. There will be a manager's softball game instead.

The DJ has agreed to come back

Manager interviews will be scheduled by Dick and Chris. Some will take place during sign ups. Mike will have 6-8 major applications and already has 4 each for AAA and AA. All managers need to be chosen no later that January 14th.
Chris Sheehan has proposed the following changes to the Single A division:  5 runs or 3 outs

1 base allowed on the 1st over throw – then the ball is dead

Keep score but no season standings.

Some type of tournament at end of season

40 foot pitching mounds

Discussion ensued regarding the pros and cons of Chris’ proposal. It was agreed that Chris will work with other members to develop guidelines for:
  • Keeping score
  • Tournament
  • Umpires
  • Pitching
  • Rules – ground rules, slaughter rule, etc.
To be voted on during the next meeting.
Craig spoke with Dean Hollenbeck and Mike Dalquist about the sprayers. 
Kathy is putting together a flyer announcing a contest for designing the roster book cover.
Dick brought up concerns about needing bats for softball and upper division. Needs will be assessed and prices obtained for next meeting.
Mike Galindo provided an update on the pending insurance claim. The Concord Police has completed its investigation and the matter has been submitted to the DA. There is one item pending with the insurance company before the matter comes to resolution. The league should receive a settlement soon.
Dick Stoddard brought up his concerns regarding a perceived lack of closure and/or action by the Board on prior issues. He moved that one board member be removed until restitution to the league has been made and to prohibit the board member in question from handling any monetary functions. There was no second made to the motion.
Bill Finn recommended that the League consider hiring a private accountant. This issue will be pursued further.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

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