Concord High School


Craig Gietzen Mike Galindo Greg Savage Chris Sheehan
Bill Finn Greg Lisle Dorothy Sansoe
ABSENT: Tim Hovland,, , Dick Stoddard, Kathy Sheehan
Meeting called to order at 7:37 p.m.
Craig Gietzen introduced representatives from District 4. Bill Schaeffer explained to the Board that District 4 is an advisory group to the League which can handle many issues, including, but not limited to, providing training, administrative functions, tournament scheduling, and problem solving. District 4 only gets involved in League affairs when the League does not follow Little League policy.

Carlos Camacho, District 4 umpire, gave us some background on C4UA. The Umpire Association started in 1990 to deal with problems involved with umpires representing a league. Every league is responsible for providing umpires. Outreach programs provide training and assistance including two Advanced Field Mechanic clinics. Next season, if a league is responsible for providing an umpire for a tournament game and the umpire does not show up, the league will be penalized unless there are mitigating circumstances. District 4 is trying to address the need for umpires at all the tournament games

Larry Anderson, District 4 Safety Officer gave the Board some background on the League Safety Officer. This positions was established in 1960. In 1965 ASOP was formed. It has a goal of 100% league participation. Every league who does participate can receive discounts of up to 20%..

Jeff Shiu addressed the Board regarding the Big League programs. Big League Programs are an important part of Little League. Participation has declined over the past several years, but prior teams have won many tournaments including the 1985 Word Series, and participated in 12 Western Region and 7 World series. He will be meeting with the league in the near future to come up with a plan of action to include 17 and 18 year olds in the league.

Everyone is welcome to attend District 4 meetings which are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month (except for August and December) at Glenbrook Middle School. MyTeam.com is being used by the District and every league can have a page. All of the forms are on this web site Ė myteam.com/gocalifornia4 under District Documents, LLB Official Forms.

Craig Gietzen indicated that all team rosters would be submitted through MyTeam.com within 2 weeks of the first game.

Questions were raised regarding what a league is responsible for paying for when they host a tournament game. These questions were address by the District 4 representatives who also suggested that the league speak with Ernie Lewis.

There are still two opening on the Board. Thaddeus Watkins has been nominated to fill one position. There was no a quorum present so voting was postponed to the next meeting.
Chris Sheehan asked for input on what he could tell parents who asked why the Single A teams donít keep score. Board members provided suggestions, including the fact that this is an educational program, it is CALL policy (not LL policy), and it aims at minimizing competition at too early an age.
Mike Galindo has informed the Board that, since he wants to manage a major team, he will not be involved in anything that has to do with selection of the major division manager, to prevent any possible conflict of interest.
Other Business:

Bob Krasner and Shawn Stoops will be setting ground rules for both fields. These ground rules will be included in the Roster Book/Parent Handbook.

Mike Galindo will fill in for Craig Gietzen whenever Craig is unavailable.

Craig has written a letter to the Challenger parents, explaining the CALL still has a Challenger Division and explaining the fees, etc. The board approved sending the letter as written to the Challenger parents.

The league's charter has been submitted to Williamsport.

Meeting adjourned at 9:18

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