Board of Directors Meeting

Concord High School

Craig Gietzen Mike Galindo Dick Stoddard Chris Sheehan
Bill Finn Jim Brophy Dorothy Sansoe Gregg Savage
ABSENT: Mike Costello, Tim Hovland, Greg Lisle, Kathy Sheehan
Called to order at 6:55

Bob Krasner will represent CALL at the Western Regional meeting if his schedule allows.

What is the count of the General Membership – we need to have a count to determine what a quorum is for the General Membership meeting.

Clayton Valley has agreed to consider inter-leaguing our 12 years olds. It was moved and passed to inter-league with Clayton Valley if the agree. It was noted that this means playing with 90 foot bases.

Umpires – Dick Stoddard brought to the board discussion on having a Junior Umpire Association. They could umpire games two levels below. Further discussion will continue.
Sign Up Update has been tabled to the General Membership meeting.
Challenger and softball gear needs to be turned in so that it can be inventoried.
Mike Costello is interested in staying on the board if at all possible. He is applying for a new job which may free up some time for him.
Hardship Committee Election – Discussion was held on the number of people on the committee and who should make up the committee. Each applicant will complete application form, complete letter, etc.

Moved and passed that the committee would be comprised on three members.

Discussion was held on who should be on the committee. It was agreed that the President, Treasurer, and Secretary would be the members. Moved and passed.

Call-up Policy – Do you continue with current policy or revert back to the policy in effect two years ago?

Discussion was held on what is best policy for both the child and the league’s administration. Other possible policies were discussed. Improving the concept of moving up as an award was discussed. 

Craig will redraft the policy to add notification of the President when a team is in need of a player.

Greg Savage brought up information he gathered on landscaping. Mt Diablo has at least 10 heads broken, stations do not work at all. Brad Borroso of Progressive Landscape Management has provided a bid for the Mt Diablo field of $2,485. Moved and passed to have this work done.
Bill has talked to B of A about using Visa. They charge 2.75%. Rental of machine is $30.00 per month. Application fee of $95.00. Plus a $20 minimum in fees each month. Bill will look into it further.
There are no boundaries for Challenger. Jim brought up a concern that if we charge they will move to a different league. Craig is still working on letter to Challenger parents.

Greg Savage brought up the idea of fitting the Challengers into the Saturday schedule whenever possible, where it fits with other games scheduled. The Board generally felt that this was a good way to help make the Challenger Division more a part of the League.

The major dugout and major score booth roofs need to be replaced. The major score booth has been broken into. There is now graffiti inside the major score booth.
Mike Galindo has looked into sweatshirts. We would need to charge about $30 to make any money. He has suggested that we get three dozen T-shirts instead of one dozen sweatshirts. He will get a couple sweatshirts for display during signups and then we can take orders.
Jim Brophy announced that he would be resigning his position as inter-league player agent. He did not feel he had enough knowledge of the game to provide the services the league needs. Jim requested that he be allowed to stay on as a director of the Challenger Division.

Jim’s resignation was accepted. It was moved that a Challenger Director appointed position be added with the responsibility to represent and coordinate with the president and inter-league player agent on behalf of the Challenger Division and that Jim be appointed to this new non-board position. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.


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