Meeting called to order 7:00pm

Tony DeCesare, President

Tryouts have been extended.  Many people have called and asked if they can come to tryouts and signup.  Also, need to push T-Ball.  Need a minimum of ten teams.  Softball still accepting signups for two weeks.

The snack shack will be opened during all tryouts.  We need help at tryouts so if anyone knows of volunteers, bring them.

The following managers have been appointed:

‘A’  James Vouken and Tim Hovland
‘AA’  Bill Perry, Mike Dahlquist, Steve Ray and Wayne Horvot
‘AAA’  George Goodrich, Greg Savage, Bill Finn
MAJOR Mike Duckworth, Brian Bristol, Bob Lee, Craig Gietzen and Greg Lisle

The following people are up for appointment:

‘A’  Perry Pruitt, Chuck Davidson
motion made to approve.  Voted and passed
‘AA’  Carl Paz, Steve Osborne
motion made to approve.  Voted and passed
‘AAA’  Bill Marx, Charlie Simms, Ed Lampe
motion made to approve.  Voted and passed

Vicki Wood has resigned from the board.  Is moving out of state.  Need nominations for a new Board Member.

Greg Savage, Dawn Bristol and Bill Finn nominated.  Nominations to remain open until next board meeting when a vote will be made.

Mike Galindo, Vice President

We have enough kids signed up to do 12-player rosters and fill up six teams in each division except T-Ball.

Following are what we currently have signed up to date in each division:

 5 – 25  11 – 48
 6 – 49  12 – 53
 7 – 50  13 – 4
 8 – 48  14 – 3
 9 – 55  Softball – 56
10 – 46 Challenger – 48

Schedules for tryouts handed out to all managers present.  Upon drafts, the coaches cannot be present with the manager in the draft room in A-AAA.  There are some exceptions in the major division.   Trades will be held immediately after the draft.

Draft order:  Major, AAA, AA, A.

11 year olds can play on AA, can’t pitch.

Discussion held on how many ten-year-olds can be on a team, standing rule is ten.  No rules stating all 12 year olds play major, some may need to drop to AAA.

We do have property players (if 10 or 11 and in major last year, they are automatically returned to their prior team).
We do not have property managers.  A manager can take their child’s team depending on the age of the child.

Shawn Stoops made a comment that we cannot randomly change our policy.  We need to stay within our guidelines as to how many players in certain age groups are on a team.  Most 10 year olds are not going to play majors, two seems like a good number and should not be changed.

"L" League rules have 9-12 in majors, local league rules say 10-12.
Previous boards have tried to enforce all 12 year olds and most of 11 year olds so that you limit your 10 year olds in the majors.

Discussion continued that we need to change our policy.  We cannot do that without the general membership vote.  Changing the ages could really effect the ‘AAA’ teams.

Greg Lisle made motion to vote for unlimited 10 year olds in majors, seconded.
Voted and defeated.

Dan Murphy suggested we need three people to make up a policy committee.  Dan can form the committee on his own if he would like and report back to the board.

Motion made to appoint Ralph May to manager of Major Giants.  Voted and passed.

Ralph May, Vice President

Nothing to report.

Dick Stoddard, Vice President

Three coaches to nominate for Challenger.  Bill Herrera, Roger Wilson and Phil Richards.  Motion made to approve.  Voted and passed.

We only have one signup for Big League baseball.  At this time might be wise to tell this person to get on someone elses roster so they are given a fair chance to play.

We are losing our 13-14 year olds.  This is because we do not sell this program very well and we need to look into ways to increase this division of our league.  Post season clinics like Greg Lisle is doing are a great idea.

Softball signups going well, need to keep promoting that and calling people.

Dick voiced his concern that the Olivera fields are not having any work done on them.  We need to pay attention to those fields too.  Craig Gietzen addressed this.  We are not neglecting those fields, we have just made a conscious decision to postpone those fields until after tryouts.  Main focus has been on Mt. Diablo because of tryouts.

We need a softball clinic in mid-March.  Coaches can come in and do private clinics.  Need to look into sponsoring something like that.  Mike Galindo addressed saying that we are doing general clinics for all divisions starting mid-February.

Dick thought we could also look into doing a clinic with St. Mary’s.  We have done it in the past.  Craig stated that St. Mary’s did it for Archie Mares because of a relationship there but it is really a private invitation and he has already tried to pursue that.  Dick will look into other college clinic programs.

If anyone knows of older teenagers interested in coaching or umpiring, let Dick know.

Kathy Sheehan, Auxiliary Director

Golf Tournament is May 7th.  Spoke to Sandy at Diablo Creek regarding boards concerns.  We can cancel the whole tournament if we do not have participation by April 23rd.  If we do not have enough for the 120 shotgun we can do individual start times.

Motion made to get $200 check, sign contract tonight so that Kathy can deliver to Sandy.  Dan Murphy brought up the fact he does not like the contract and wants a new one.  Kathy stated she brought this up to Sandy, she said to add in our conversation, initial it and she would do the same and give us a copy.    Dan did not like this idea and wants a new contract.  Suggested talking to her again and bringing up at next board meeting.  Kathy stated that this couldn’t be shelved again.  A lot of people are putting a lot of hours into the planning of this and we need to get the contract signed and done.  Dan to take contract to Sandy himself Friday, January 7th.  Tony will sign tonight that way Dan can give to her along with a check.

Next committee meeting for golf tournament is Monday, January 10th at Kathy's house.

Comedy night at Tommy T’s has been scheduled for April 14th.  We will have Louie from Char-Broiler cater for us, tri-tip and assorted sides.    Board will set-up, serve and clean-up.
Tickets to be sold for $25.  This includes cost of dinner and show.  We have a total of 250 tickets to sell.  Everyone needs to sell.  This can go outside the board.
We will have a silent auction of theme baskets and a flyer will be going out at the team moms meeting to purchase tickets.

Cookbooks.  This could be a great fundraiser but I have yet to receive a lot of recipes.  Out of the 11 board members, I have received zero!

Photographer.  I have selected Legends to do our photography.  We need to decide tonight if we are purchasing league packages for the kids or not.
Motion made to not purchase this year.  No other leagues are doing it and we cannot afford it.  Voted and passed with Ralph May opposing.

What is status of bill for Josh Jones.  Need to know if we can count on those prizes for fundraisers this year or not.  Still a pretty large bill to be paid.  Tony suggested that we do not plan on these prizes for this year.

Snack shack will be opened for the next three weekends on a limited menu.

The team moms/managers meeting is scheduled for Thursday night, February 24th.  This will be combined with Craig’s safety meeting.  This will be put in the next newsletter so as soon as teams are selected managers need to get their team mom’s name to Kathy immediately.
We will have Lee from the Chronicle, the photographer, Kathy and Craig speaking.  Meeting to be held at the Water District.

Craig Gietzen, Safety Officer

February 24th, safety meeting.  Suggested combining with team mom/manager meeting.

February 26th.  Tentative date for Dr. Oranje to do physicals for league.

First aid kits.  We have 43 teams approximately.  Motion made to buy 50 kits from Tony’s company unless we can get Dr. Oranje to donate them.  Voted and passed.

We have cinder now.  They will be mailing us a bill for $1800.00  Theme is clean and green.  There is cleanup tomorrow night before tryouts.

We need a field rep for Olivera T-Ball field and Mt. Diablo T-ball field.  The rep will schedule teams to keep up the fields, organize work parties.
We have major field and AA field reps appointed.
Need ‘A’ Olivera and AAA.  We also need softball field reps.
Chuck Davidson volunteered for ‘A’ Olivera.

Opening day plans are going fine.  Next committee meeting January 11th.

No gopher heads yet.  Will check with the company to get a report.

Greg Lisle, Sponsors/Public Relations

We currently have 10-12 sponsors.  We have sent letters to 250 potential sponsors and our hot sheets have gone out.  We are also focusing on corporate sponsors.

Dan Murphy, Treasurer

Went over expense reports.

Need copies of all player applications from player agents.

Once signups are completed, Dan will compile a list of all the people who have paid to be excluded from fundraisers and give to Kathy.

Money turned in for Papa Murphy cards sold, will give Kathy another check to restock cards for snack shack.

Dan has been reviewing books.  Has discovered that some bills we may have double paid last year.  He will review and get back to us.

Jim Brophy, Player Agent

Motion made that when he hands in a receipt or Purchase Order, he gets a check from Dan that night.  Example of purchase order would be trophies or uniforms.  It was discussed that Jim needs to go through Craig for those.

It has already been discussed and approved that the only people on the board that can spend money are Tony DeCesare, Kathy Sheehan, Craig Gietzen and Dan Murphy.  All others must present their purchase to the board for approval and reimbursement.

Discussion was held that Jim will get reimbursed for receipts, usually same night but not on purchase orders.  Those have to be reviewed first.

All monies collected for the league, i.e., sponsor money must be given to Dan at the very next board meeting.

Motion made for Jim to have $50 in petty cash on hand.  Motion seconded.  Dan stated there is to be no petty cash at all.  Voted and defeated.

Marcy Busse, Player Agent

Suggested that next year we have email for everyone signed up and email the information to them for signups.  Flyers did not help us this year.

We need a T-Ball flyer.  Mike Galindo will amend our current one and get to Marcy.

Extended signups for T-Ball and instructional league (5-8) to January 15th.

Tim Hovland, Player Agent

All additional signups need to tryout on January 22nd for sure.

Shawn Stoops, Chief Umpire

Have rulebooks been ordered?  Craig will do that.

Need to know how many tickets we can order for rules and regs meeting March 4-5.  We need to purchase the tickets.  Dan Murphy stated that Shawn could do this out of his budget.  Shawn stated these tickets were not included in his budget and it had been approved that way last meeting.  Last meeting minutes state that.  Minutes read by Kathy supporting tickets not included in Shawn’s budget.

Motion made to purchase 15 tickets.  Voted and passed.  Mike Galindo opposed.

New Business:

Mike Galindo to get information for next meeting for our shirts and/or jackets for the board.

Next Board meeting is January 20th at 7:00 in room #210 at Concord High.

Meeting adjourned 10:00

Submitted by:
Kathy Sheehan, Auxiliary Director

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