Meeting called to order 7:10pm

Ernie Lewis, District Administrator for District 4

Ernie was present just to answer questions the board may have of him.  Jim Brophy asked question about sponsorship program for challenger league.  Discussion was had about where sponsorship money would come from and if it is necessary.  Challenger players play for no player fees.  Sponsors will donate to challenger before they donate to little league do to the nature of the players.  A sponsorship would be for a paper trail only.

No challenger money goes into our general fund until after the season ends.

We need to finalize challengers position within our league.  Ernie to send us the policy from Williamsport.

Tony asked if Jim could use challenger funds to pay league bills.  Ernie said yes, this is done by league making out a note to challenger division to repay the “loan”.

Challenger is also responsible for paying a percentage of league bills for utilities based on the number of players in challenger.

Challenger kids should participate in fundraisers but cannot be charged $40.00 non-participation fee because they are given a special consideration.

Uniforms should be bought the best and most economical way.  Jim has a sponsor that buys the uniforms direct from the vendor.

Discussion ended with it being noted that challenger and little league are two different leagues for now and we will have further discussion upon the receipt of the policy from Williamsport.

Tony DeCesare, President

Need the new flyers distributed immediately.  Player agents to handle that.

"L" League seminar will be held in January.   All board members need to decide if they are going to attend and let Tony know this week.  Strongly suggested that you attend if you are new to the board.

Rulebooks will be distributed to managers only.  Additional books can be sold in the snack shack for $3-$4.

Interleague meeting on December 2nd, 7:30pm at the water district.  Jim Brophy and/or Dick Stoddard need to attend.

Mike Galindo, Vice President

Manager positions are filling up.  List for manager appointments should be to Tony before the next board meeting.  All names being cleared at police department on the 13th and 14th so list should be done by 15th.

Jim Brophy, Interleague

Will check with Dick and advise Tony who will be attending interleague meeting on December 2nd.

Newspapers have been contacted and the ad has been changed to read little league and challenger divisions for signups.

Jim to work on getting larger (free) ad in the transcript for challenger and Greg Lisle will handle the ad for little league.

All interleague players who played last year have been called and informed of signups.

Marcey Busse, Player Agent

The following people will target the assigned schools:  Marcey – Sun Terrace, Holbrook, El Dorado & Pinehollow;  Greg Lisle – Tabernacle, Ygnacio Valley Christian & Kings Valley;  Ron Davis – Silverwood, Ayers, Mt. View & Westwood;  Tim Hovland – El Monte, Wren, Monte Vista & Glenbrook.

Flyers need to be bound and put in teachers boxes if they are to get distributed.  Cannot send to individual students at intermediate schools because there is no homeroom.

Signups at sportsmart:  Need to get volunteers to go and sportsmart will set up a table for our signups.   Volunteer can call player agent after signups and give names for anyone who needs to be contacted for a tryout number.  Sportsmart will give 20% discount to all kids who signup.

Suggestion made to have Tom Candiotti come and autograph baseballs during signup.  Craig Gietzen to call Tom.

Craig Gietzen, Safety Officer

There will be two work parties at Mt. Diablo complex.  December 5th and December 19th both at 9:00am.  Tim Hovland to get date for Olivera complex to Craig.

The scorebooth at the T-ball field at Mt. Diablo was broken into and half of the door is gone.  Will need to find someone to build us a new door.

Still waiting for Dr. Oranje to set date for clinic.

Manual is ready and will be submitted for printing.

Uniforms:  Blue Sky misquoted their bid.  Third bidder has been a no-show so Craig suggests that we go with Sports4all.  Last year we paid $12.95 a shirt plus $2.00/per shirt for sponsors; this year the price is $12.50 for each shirt, which includes sponsor.
Hats are $3.70, last year was $3.85.

Discussion held about permanent league shirts but we are not in a place to do that this year and also, other leagues do not do that anymore.  Kids like to get their shirts and hats.

We will not be doing AAA names this year we will be using major league names instead.  The cost to use our own names increases our fees.

T-Ball screen will be use again this year.
We are at a critical time.  Uniforms need to be ordered.  Motion made to use Sports4all for our uniforms.  Voted and passed.  Ralph May opposed.

Sports4all will also sponsor a team this year.

Discussion about changing two of the major league team names.  The Angels will be changed to the White Sox and the Pirates changed to the Cubs.

Board members need to wear shirts and/or jackets to distinguish them when they are out at the fields.  Board members should pay for their own shirts though.  Craig will get prices and have information for us at the next board meeting.  Tony would like to have the shirts by tryouts.

Opening day committee set for December 6th at 6:30pm at Craig’s house.  We need to go after sponsors and discussion was held on acknowledging sponsors at opening day.

Craig is in negotiations with Tom Candiotti to speak at opening day.  Will also talk to him about signing balls for signup date at sportsmart.

Kathy Sheehan, Auxiliary Director

Passed out fundraising projections for the season.  If all goes according to plan we could make over $70,000.00 for the league.

Discussion held for the Tommy T’s night.  They do not do dinner but we could have a crab feed.  Kathy to present more information after talking with the crab man.  Decided Friday night was the best night for the event.

Golf Tournament has been set for Sunday, May 7, 2000.  Shotgun at 1:00 with a dinner to follow.  First committee meeting will be held December 13th at 6:30 at Kathy’s house.  Greg Lisle to try to bring George Marsh from Legends & Heros at Diablo Creek to the meeting.  Tony also to make some phone calls and more will be discussed at the next meeting.

Dated set for rummage sale was June 4, 2000.  It will be held at the Concord High School in the parking lot.

Motion put out to invite Lee Mathis to attend the team moms meeting and pass out subscription packets for the chronicle.  Everyone will turn in any subscriptions to him on opening day.  We were also told that the subscription would be cancelled after the first 6 weeks, people just need to write that on their order form.   Vote and passed.  Greg Lisle opposed.
Passed out the first 20 Papa Murphy Pizza cards.  Once we sell the initial 20 we can get an additional 100 to sell.

December 18th at 9:00 is the clean-up party for the Mt. Diablo snack shack.

Motion made to install safes at both shacks.  Discussion held that this would open up a big chance of break-ins.  Suggested that we have each board member act as “Officer of the Day” and help count the money with the supervisor and then the board member will take the deposit to the bank every night.  Kathy to make up schedule at later date.
Motion amended to adopt the “officer of the day” instead of the safes.  Voted and passed.

Need volunteers to run snack shack for tryouts.  Discussion was held on what age kids should be allowed in snack shack this year…Kids 14 and up can work in snack shack selling drinks, candy, etc.  Not allowed near any hot cooking appliances.  Craig will be present at team mom meeting and present the insurance risk.

Kathy needs a list of all teams and managers ASAP to set up the team mom/manager meeting in February.

Discussion on whether league will pay for the individual player photos or will the parents pay for them.  Kathy to get more information and present it at the next meeting.

Greg Lisle, Public Relations/Sponsors

Mission statements for the league are being prepared and should be ready for presentation to the board within the next few meetings.

We have sent out 850 sponsor sheets to the chamber of commerce and 207 to individual businesses.  We have received sponsor money from Diggers Diner, Roto Rooter and Matts Game Exchange.

Suggested that we take a sponsor plaque and shirt into businesses to advertise what the sponsor can get for giving a sponsorship donation.

Greg is still planning the sports camp for the kids but it has been changed to a recreation camp and has not a lot to do with Concord American.  Dates are August 21-25 and it is for 75 boys ages 9-12.  Need 19 counselors ages 18 and up.

We sent out 800 chamber hot sheets in November for sponsors.  Nothing back yet.  It costs about $100 a month to send these out.  Motion made to continue the hot sheets for the next two months.  Voted and passed.  Next hot sheets to go out December 15th.

New Business:

Tony read a letter from the president of Continental "L" League.  He registered his child in our league last year and found out he was in the wrong district.  Basically the letter stated he jumped through a lot of hoops and never got anything resolved.  Asked for a receipt to show his fees as a donation to our league.

Discussion on whether his kid played or not and is he really eligible for a refund.  Tony to call him and get more information.

Tony stated the board needs to be aware if we say we will do something we need to follow through.

Discussion held on board members holding manager positions.  We have 5 who want to manage.  Tony said that was okay because we are allowed a minimum of 5.  The managers will be Greg Lisle, Craig Gietzen, Tim Hovland, Marcey Busse and Dick Stoddard.

Three board members will be managing major teams.  Tony to have further discussion on this at a later date.

Signups are Thursday night December 2nd.

Next Board meeting is Decmber 16th at 7:00 in room #210 at Concord High.

Meeting adjourned 10:00 pm

        Submitted by:
         Kathy Sheehan, Auxiliary Director

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