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Major Division Could be Decided on the Last Day of the Season

June 13, 2012

Final Update - In another close game, the Braves beat the Yankees by a score of 6 to 3.  The Braves victory dashed the hopes of both the Athletics and the Yankees of their being a 3 way playoff.  So the Major season ended today with the Dodgers being crowned as champions.  This was a great season and all the teams did a great job of never giving up.  We wish the Dodgers good luck in TOC.

June 11, 2012

The drama continues......  Both the Dodgers and Athletics won their games on Saturday and finished the 2012 season with a record of 15 wins and 5 loses.  However, the Yankees won their game on Monday against the Mets by a score of 12 - 7.  The score was very close for most of the game and it wasn't until the bottom of the 5th that the Yankees broke it open

So.......when the Yankees face the Braves on Wednesday, June 13th the outcome of the Major division may still not be decided.  If the Yankees win, all 3 teams will have identical records of 15 and 5.  That will force a playoff among the 3 teams.  I have been told that the playoff teams will be determined by a 3 way flip of a coin.  If 2 teams pick heads and it lands on tails, then the team that picked tails gets a bye and waits for the winner of the first game.  The winner of game 1 will play the team that picked tails and whoever wins that game will be champion of the Major division.  I don't know exactly when these games will be played but it looks as if it will have to be Thursday and Friday because the Tournament of Champions begins on Saturday!

The fact that closing day is schedule for Friday, I have no idea when the Championship game will be played, (if necessary) before or after the closing ceremonies.  It would be great if the game could be played at 5 or 5:30 and closing ceremonies could take place after the game.  There would be a big crowd on hand to watch it and that would also be great.

However, if the Yankees don't win on Wednesday then the Championship goes to the Dodgers who have a better head to head record against the Athletics.  Either way this turns out, it's been a great year for the Major Division.  Congratulations to all the coaches, parents  and players.

June 9, 2012

Wow….with only a few days left in the 2012 season, the Major division is too close to call.  With only 4 games remaining, the top 3 teams, Yankees, Dodgers and Athletics are within a few percentage points of each other.  It looks as if the season will be determined on the final day which is Wednesday, June 13th

This is how it looks as of the completion of Thursday’s game.


Saturday at 9 am, the Yankees take on the Athletics and at 12 pm the Dodgers take on the Mets.  You can speculate all you want and do the math but no matter how these games turn out, the season will still not be decided until the final game on Wednesday when the Yankees take on the Braves.  If the Dodgers and Athletics both win on Saturday and the Yankees win their last 2 games, it looks as if there could be a 3-way tie with each team ending the season with a record of 15 – 5.  If the Yankees win all 3 games then they would finish the season with a record of 16 - 4 which would make them the division winner.  In all my years with Concord American Little League, this has to be the most exciting finish to a season I can ever remember.

So come on out and support your team.  This is the very best of Little League with everything riding on each pitch and each play.  Wow....


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