What Is An Umpire

An umpire is an unbiased person.
An umpire controls the game fairly.
An umpire is not the center of attention.
An umpire only makes calls he needs to make.
An umpire’s responsibility is to move the game along in a
timely manner.
An umpire always shows respect for the players, managers, coaches, and parents.
An umpire’s manner and appearance are always beyond reproach.
An umpire knows the rules of the game, and the division.
An umpire is consistent with his calls.
An umpire is assertive.
An umpire should always be approachable.
An umpire should be loud and clear.
An umpire does not socialize with spectators.
An umpire will always look out for the safety of the
players, coaches, and spectators.
An umpire should note the start time of each game.
An umpire should try to make the experience enjoyable for all.
An umpire should be having fun, too.
An umpire doesn’t wait for thanks at the end of the game.
An umpire leaves through the winning team dugout,
and leaves the area immediately.
An umpire deserves respect.
An umpire is important and necessary.

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