Pitch, Hit and Run Winners

Those winning the local PH&R, and having a chance to participate in the sectional competition are listed below.  In addition, Bobby Morales and Mike Collodel both won in their respective divisions at the Angels Team Championship in Anaheim,CA. The other Concord American contestants were very good as well.

13-14 1st place Bobby Morales
11-12 1st place Mike Collodel
9-10   4th place Nick Arnold   
7-8     3rd place Hunter Lockhart
Attached are some pics from the event. Both Bobby and Mike will now be compared to the 29 other winners from across the country and if they are in the top 4 in their division they will be National contestants at the All Star Game in Detroit.

Those winning the local PH&R are:

7-8 Pitch Champion- Hunter Lockhart

Hit Champion- Grant Ganguet

Run Champion- Hunter Lockhart

All Around Champion- Hunter Lockhart 

9-10 Pitch Champion (tie) Nick Arnold, Codey Bertlin, Will Bonnington

Hit Champion- Codey Bertlin

Run Champion- Christian Bone

All Around Champion- Codey Bertlin

11-12 Pitch Champion (tie) Christian Kaplan, Ricky Lloyd, Andy Rouse

Hit Champion- Mike Collodel

Run Champion- Mike Collodel

All Around Champion- Mike Collodel

13-14 Pitch Champion- Bobby Morales

Hit Champion- Andrew Gartner

Run Champion- Bobby Morales

All Around Champion- Bobby Morales

Sectional Winners 7-8 - Hunter Lockhart

9-10; Nick Arnold

11-12; Mike Collodel

13-14; Bobby Morales

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