Concord American Little League - 2005

Opening Day Activities
March 26, 2005

Fifty years of baseball....Fifty Opening Days!

Thank you to everyone for coming out and celebrating Concord American Little League's 50th opening day.  What a day! 

Even though we had to postpone our festivities for a week because of rain, it was so worth the wait.  We had so many families participate in the festivities all day long.  We had the biggest crowd ever, the parade was fun, the games were in high gear, and the BBQ was a huge success. 

It is days like this that really create a lot of special memories for the kids (not to mention us parents)  The time we get to spend together and the kids get to play all day - it is nice when they can leave the ball field and all get together and have a great time! 

Thank you to all of the volunteers.  This is a huge day and it takes a lot of planning and literally hundreds of people to make it happen.  Thank you to the BBQ team - you guys rock.  Teresa Bangert - my service manager, you always do a wonderful job and I really appreciate it!  And all the guys that BBQ'd all day....Ken Turnipseed, Chris Oswald, Wayne Bonnington just to mention a few....And to all the people that turned out on Friday night and early Saturday to make sure it all happened.  I appreciate each and every one of you!  This year I had so many people offer to help - what a great feeling to see our community come together as one to make such an event take place. 

Thanks to Fantastic Sam's - what a hit - free haircuts and some color too!  I think this was the most popular event of the day! 

Thank you Stuart for singing again.  I know this was a hard opening day for you and you pulled it off beautifully!  

On behalf of the board of Concord American Little League, I would like to say thank you to all of you and have a great season!  See you at the ball fields - remember, it's all.....FOR THE KIDS!!!!!

Kathy Sheehan

Auxiliary/Sponsorship Director




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