They're Only Kids for a Little While


Are we just a rare breed? Why are so many dads always too busy to get involved? Ever notice that the people with the least amount of commitment are always too busy? AND US GUYS WORKING AT LEAST 1 JOB, 4 OR MORE KIDS, managing a baseball team, umpiring, church, cub scouts, 4-H, still seem to be able to squeeze out an appearance when needed.

We don't mind giving of ourselves for the sake of the children. I keep reminding myself that my kids count on ME to show them how to have STICK-TO-IT-OF-NESS to guide them in a path of follow through. I would deeply regret missing a wonderful opportunity to make the difference that I know I HAVE made so far, in that I find all the reward, love and thanks that all children and parents I have affected is all I need to keep me going and going.

I would do it all over again if I had to.

Jack Mayberry   CALL Chief Umpire, District 4 Umpire, (C4UA),  and Manager of Farm A'S


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