In Memory of Mike Galindo

Remembering Mike Galindo - Published in the Contra Costa Times on May 9, 2005

May 11, 2005

When I think of Mike Galindo the first thing that I see is his wonderful, huge smile! He had an infectious laugh. He was a fair and honest man who always made the most out of every situation.

I served on the board at Concord American with Mike for many years. I remember when our league almost folded, when we were in financial trouble and things looked very bleak. Mike came in and not only handled the troubles we had fairly and professionally, he encouraged all of us to think about the kids and do our best to make things better, not dwell on what had already happened. When Mike dealt with issues that were, in simple terms, difficult, he was always diplomatic. I never heard Mike say anything negative about anyone, I just remember him looking for the best in every situation and encouraging us to do the same.

There were many times in board meetings, discussing new rules or policies, being a mom clouded my judgment. Mike was always there offering another view on the situation, encouraging me to be a mom but at the same time, to let my son go and learn the game without being held back. He offered solutions, ideas, and different way of approaching situations and events - he made me a better mom through his experiences that he in turn passed on to me and others. I learned a lot from Mike and I for one will greatly miss his guidance and expertise. Mike loved kids! That was obvious. He wanted only the best for them but at the same time, you did it right and by the book.

Mike was a man of integrity. He was fair, he never took sides, he offered the best solutions for the situation at hand but he never compromised his beliefs. I respected Mike so much and for me, I am so sad that I never told him how much I respected him while he was with us. I remember out last board meeting, he was in the back and we were laughing about something and I just remember thinking what a great guy Mike is - How much I enjoy being in baseball with him and how much I am going to miss the Galindo's when the boys are done with the league.

Mike, I love you - I will miss you and your smile and that laugh that no matter how you felt, it made you laugh. You were a great and honest man, a great example for our kids and for us. Kim and the boys were blessed to have you as were we all.

Kim, Chris, Kevin and Corey ~

I look back at the years we have been friends. I remember Kevin and Sarah being in class together throughout elementary school and then us honking at each other as they went on to Middle School and High School. There are a lot of memories there.

Kim, you are a very special lady! You, like Mike, are a woman of great integrity and value. You live your life as an example and touch everyone around you. I am so glad you and I met. I have many memories of our times at the fields and those pre-opening night trips on the inflatable slide! I can only imagine your pain and emptiness right now. I know how much you loved Mike and your friendship was obvious to everyone around you! I love you, I am praying for you and the boys. I love you!

Chris, Kevin and Corey, your Dad was a great man and you have been raised by very high standards and each one of you reflect that. You each carry a very big part of your Dad and he shines in every aspect of who you are. Remember how much he loved you and how dedicated and very proud he was of each one of you. As you continue to mature, always remember he will always guide you - He is just watching you from heaven and you will still hear that laughter and feel his touch. I am praying for each one of you, and I am so very sorry for your loss.

Kathy, Chris, Sarah & Blake Sheehan

May 10, 2005

Thank you Mike.

Mike Galindo is what Little League Baseball should be all about.  Mike taught sportsmanship, teamwork, and showed the kids how to become winners on and off the field.

Some of you don't know that Concord American was in some deep financial difficulties just a few years ago. During our board meetings, there was a lot of tension and I for one was wondering if the League would stay in existence.  With Mike's guidance and a lot of hard work, the League is still there and all the kids in Concord still have a place to play ball.  All the kids in Concord should be grateful that Mike stepped up to the plate and had a big hand in righting the ship.

Mike, my prayers go out to you and your family.  I am a better off today by taking your example and becoming a better person. You will be greatly missed and you will never be forgotten.


Tony DeCesare     Former President of CALL

May 10, 2005

Dear Coach Mike:

I know I was never on your team, but I always thought you were a great coach.  Kevin and I have known each other since kindergarten and we played against each other on different teams since we were 5 years old. We were able to be on the same team for the last 2 years of our Little League career (2003 and 2004) in the Junior Division. You were always there supporting all of us and when I was pitching on the mound or at bat, at times having some difficulty or being a bit nervous, you gave me words of encouragement and support and told me to shake it off and try again. You knew I could do it!!!

I still can't believe that you are gone, but we all know that you are up in Heaven playing ball and coaching. I don't know what it is like to lose a dad, but to Chris, Kevin and Corey, I am sure that they miss you very much but are so proud that they had you for their father. I too will miss you. Thank you Coach Mike for making me feel so special.

Matthew Bishop
Former Concord American Little League Player

May 10, 2005

Thank You Mike,

After many years of leaning on the fence and 2 years of being in the opposing dugout Jayme and I were excited we finally would get to see the “GALINDO MAGIC” up close this year, and I would get the chance to learn from the best when Mike asked me to help coach the Jr. Cardinals. Instead of the magic, what we found was a man born to teach and motivate people young and old. It didn’t matter if it was a good game or bad game or if it was a good play or bad play the right words were always found to encourage and motivate.

Mike’s legacy will live on in his 3 sons Chris, Kevin, and Corey. It will also live on in many young men’s lives that Mike enriched. If there is any truth in the term “Today’s Youth are Tomorrow’s Leaders” we are in good hands thanks to Mike Galindo.

To Kim, Chris, Kevin, and Corey,

God Bless you and Thank you for sharing Mike with all of us. Mike was a very loving husband and a great father. We will always be here when you need us.

The Junta’s

May 9, 2005

I’ve started this 5 times and still cannot find the words to describe what Mike Galindo meant to me.  Our relationship was all about baseball and our families.  I learned a lot from Mike.  It started years ago.  Every game against a Mike Galindo team in Minors was a battle.  I don’t remember him ever raising his voice.  He seemed to coach the opposing coach as well as his players.  As a manager, if you’d complain, he would calmly evaluate the problem and inevitably out would pop the magical LL Rule Book, tabbed and highlighted, which stopped many a ranting manager.  If a player made a mistake during a game, he would run his had thru his hair to show that slightest bit of frustration but calmly instruct his player what should have been done with a little hand animation.

As a CALL Board member, it’s just as everyone says. He would raise his hand and present an alternate idea and I’d think, why didn’t I think of that?  His players loved playing for him. My son, who didn’t play for him during a regular season, loved playing for him. Bobby and Corey played against each other in the early years but played together for many All-Stars teams. We “conspired” to get both boys on the same team when we both made the jump to Majors but when we discovered there was no way they would be on the same team I decided I better manage.

What games we had.  At the end of last year Mike thought Bobby could play on Corey’s traveling team. Our families shared some meals together, a movie here and there and some great baseball. I remember just two weeks ago Mike was playing with my little grandson, Dominic, at a local tournament.  We were eating lunch, Dominic was sitting on the table and Mike grabbed the back of his pants and pulled him across the table.  Dominic would just laugh and try to crawl away, but he’d do it again.

Mike and I often talked of all the CALL kids going to Concord High and looked forward to our two sons playing side-by-side.  I even tinkered with the idea of holding Bobby back a year.  It has been such an honor and privilege to know and coach with and against Mike and just being spectators together.  His friendship on and off the field has made me a better person and coach. His love for his family, friends and his love of baseball and all youth sports was unsurpassed.

On behalf of myself and my family, Mike, you will truly be missed, but you will live on in the hearts of all who knew you, both on and off the playing field.  Mike, what lonely days those will be for me watching our sons playing ball.  Tap me on the shoulder for good plays and bad.  I’ll miss you.

Bob & Shirley Morales and family
Bobby, Sarah, Charlie, Avery
Michael, Chrystal and Dominic Jost

May 9, 2005

The words "Only the good die young" really applies to Mike Galindo. We have admired his style of honesty, sportsmanship & coaching for the last four years always hoping that our son would get the chance to be on one of Mike's team.

Our son had been on a couple of Mike's all-star teams; the 9-10's in 02 and the 11-12 this last summer and we got to see first hand on an everyday basis how he had encouraging words for all the players.  Mike made all his players starters.  They would all have turns starting and bating towards the top of the lineup, rotating them around to different positions. All the players were treated fairly.

If a player made an error he would not let anyone on the team give that player a bad time because we are a team and no one makes an error on purpose.  Mike would be the first one there to give that player words of encouragement.

We hoped this year that our son would be picked by Mike for his junior team the Cardinals because that would give us two years of being coached by Mike.  When we got the phone call from Kim that Mikie had been picked for the Cardinals we were all so excited because it was what we all hoped for.  But like Mike's life, the experience was just way to short.

This last Monday's game was an example of how Mike always took the high road.  The coach on the other team complained about everything from why was the home team dug-out on the first base line, to some dog that was running around in the out field during the game.  Mike never lost his temper.  To Mike the game was about the kids and he did not want to take the fun out of it for them.   "Kid, Kid-o, Right player in the right spot" are some of the words that a lot of people will remember hearing Mike calling to his players from the third base coaching box while they were up to bat.

Mike is now in the third base coaching box in heaven but he will always be in everyone's heart that was left behind who had the opportunity to know him or have one of there kids be coached by Mike.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kim, Chris, Kevin & Corey

MIke, Susie, Mikie & Joey Bottini

May 9, 2005

Mike was a real man. He was a man of integrity and honesty. He was a man with a vision. Mike turned C.A.L.L. around. Mike knew it needed to be run like a business but yet made the experience fun. He attended BOD meetings, All-star meetings, work parties, community meetings, sponsorship meetings, opening day meetings and much more. I enjoyed working with Mike as a coach. He was always a positive influence to young children. Mike loved his family dearly and always wanted the best for them. He was a great provider. In my selfish way, I am saddened because I have not seen Mike in about a year. I just figured I would see him again at the fields or a Concord High game. My family is praying for the Galindo family that they will find comfort knowing their Husband and Dad loved them very much.


Greg Lisle

May 9, 2005 Mike Galindo was one of the best persons that you could ever have met. He was truly a great coach, manager, husband and father. My son William has wanted to get on his team for the past 4 years. This year William got on his team and he has learned a lot from Mike and loved playing on his team.

I never saw Mike raise his voice ever except when at Monday's game Mike was very upset at the coach on the other team because he was making it difficult for his kids to play the game and have fun.  I really have gotten to know him better in the past 5 years after Mike and Kim moved near us. We have been good friends and our kids hung out together and played ball at the near by school. My Daughter started dating Kevin and we were both happy about their going out together. My husband and I liked Mike very much and looked up to him. We enjoyed the times we got together for dinner and the Hawaiian party.

We are going to miss him a lot and I still can't believe that he is gone. It's just not fair, but he is probably teaching kids up in heaven how to play ball.

Mike, thank you for the great years you gave us. Our thoughts and players go out to Kim, Chris, Kevin and Cory. We love you guys.

Carolyn, Dave, Erica and William  - Friends and neighbors

May 9, 2005

As Chief Umpire, I've umpired a lot of Mike's games in the Junior Division this year, and in the previous years. My son was on his team a couple years ago. I can honestly say that his coaching style should be a model for all of us. Certain things that he would say out on the field, will always ring in my memory. I hope that his phrases won't be forgotten. For instance, he'd say things like "Atta Kid, come on now!"; "AttaBabe!"; "No mysteries, now!": "Hard 90!" just to name a few. He was always spurring the kids along the right track. I have complete admiration and respect for him, and always will. I will incorporate some of his style into my own style of coaching. He will be missed dearly on the field, but never forgotten.

Jack Mayberry     CALL Chief Umpire

May 7, 2005

Mike Galindo was one of those people you meet once in a lifetime. He has touched all of us one way or another. He was a wonderful person, a great coach, a loving husband and father and a true friend to all who knew him. I am still shocked by his passing, it is all too surreal.

Those kids who were fortunate enough to play for him, learned a lot from his experience, he made them all feel like winners. My son Matthew said he loved to watch him coach. When you played his team in games, he always had a kind word for you. He always made you feel good whether you had a lousy game or a good one. I served on the Board with him for a few years and whenever the meetings got a bit heated, he would be the calm one, the voice of reason.

Mike, you were special, you had a great gift and we will all miss you. My thoughts and prayers go out to Kim, Chris, Kevin and Corey.  Thank you for sharing Mike with all of us.

Mary Bishop        Former C.A.L.L. Board Member

CALL Loses a friend, manager, board member, father, husband

May 6, 2005

Normally, I don't write about such things, but Concord American Little League lost someone that I had the privilege to meet, become friends with, and learn many things that I took into traveling baseball from. Mike Galindo, married and father of 3 sons, passed away tragically on Thursday May 5th, 2005. Mike was a coach everybody looked up to. He always had the right attitude for coaching impressionable young men and showed that attitude to all others. I know that I'm a better person for knowing him. He was a major piece of the success of Concord American Little League had and I know that he will be missed greatly by the league, by his friends and family, and by the community that he was involved in. You always hear that about someone when they pass away, but Mike gave his full effort to the betterment of the kids that he coached and he really will be missed by everyone.

You will be missed forever and your legacy will continue at Concord American Little League. All past, current, and future coaches will look up to you and hopefully use the same type of coaching style that you used to help all the players that you ever coached.

The Diablo Heat program sends condolences to his wife and 3 children. Good Bye Mike, you won't be forgotten!

Jeff Haigh, Former CALL Board Member

May 6, 2005Thank You Mike

I wish I could thank you one more time, because you earned and deserved a lot of them.  Although it was not on the diamond, but on the hard court, "I'm so glad that my son had the privilege to play and learn from you".  This also gave me the opportunity to get to know you, and watch you coach.  This has made me a better teacher and coach as well.  You were always so positive, fair, honest, and encouraging.  You were an example of what a youth coach should stand for.

I have many memories of Mike, but one will always stay fresh in my mind, because it's an example of the good hearted person he was.  This past winter after a CYO basketball game Mike was very upset.  He was upset because for the first time in four years, each player didn't get equal playing time, and he felt awful.  While he was apologizing to the parents and kids, I went over to Kim and said, " I'm so glad Sebastian is on Mike's team. He's such a 'breath of fresh air' "

Mike was truly a man who cared about the kids, and how they felt about themselves.  Mike Galindo will be missed, but never forgotten.

Kim, Chris, Kevin, and Corey, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Gary Conn


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