Athletics Capture The
Concord American Junior Division Title

On Friday evening June 11th the Concord American Athletics captured the CALL Junior Division 2004 season championship title with a victory over the Concord Cardinals.  The final score was 9-4.  In the third and final game played between the Athletics and the Cardinals in the same week, Dean Farley pitched 7 innings with 6 strike-outs, went 3 for 4 with a double, and scored 2 runs.

Ryan Daley playing 3rd base made 4 defensive catches and was 3 for 3 with a double.  Garrett Pacquin was the Athletic's stolen base leader and also scored 1 run.  Kris Garcia at 1st  and Nick Tkachenko at 2nd made many defensive outs and Nick also scored 2 runs.


Seth Chatterley was behind the plate for the entire 7 innings and also doubled in the 7th inning and scored 1 run.  Michael Lord made 3 outstanding catches in left field and had a double and scored 2 runs.

Westley Weinstock scored 1 run stealing home.  Timothy Burke, Dayan Carpenter, Craig Doiron, Samatha Heller, Mark Ray and Devin Van Outrive were solid contributors to the team throughout the championship season.

For the Cardinals Lee Chisholm scored 1 run, Tommy Lee 2, and Kevin Galindo 1.








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