Former Concord American Star
Successful In Pro Baseball


Just found your website.  Our son, Chris, played in Concord American from 1984-1992.  He is now playing pro ball with the Chicago Cub's AA affiliate in Jackson, Tennessee.

Other than Tom Candiotti, I know of no other pro players who are CALL alums.  If you know of others, I would really appreciate your passing it on to me!

We have fond memories of the time at CALL.  I saw that Greg Lisle is the involved in Public Relations and Sponsorships.  I remember Greg, and I helped coach his son Trevor, and my son played with his other son, Matt.  Tell Greg "hi" for me.

I have enclosed a couple of photos of Chris, one when he played in CALL, and a current one.  I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks a lot!

Rick Gissell
Vancouver, Washington

Rick can be reached at


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