Concord American Baseball
Opening Day 2002 Activities

Captain 'Coach' Alan Gwiazdon and Lt. 'Coach' Mike Galindo
Raising the Flag to Begin the 2002 Concord American Season

The 2002 Concord American Season was officially dedicated to all of our local heros, and to the memory of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.  It was only fitting that our opening day should include members of our local police and fire departments.  Not only do these individuals serve and protect us every day, but we are also proud to call them 'Coach'.

Once again the Concord American Board put together a first class Opening Day. On behalf of all of the families, players, coaches, and friends of Concord American, I would like to thank League President Craig Gietzen, his great planning committee, and the dozens and dozens of volunteers for devoting so much time and love to make this a wonderful day.

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Opening Day Was Held On
Saturday, March 30th

The day began with the Parade of the Teams and was followed by the singing of God Bless America.  Thanks to Mary Bishop for her wonderful and moving rendition.





                            Mary Bishop singing God Bless America                              Mary with our honored guests, Mike Galindo, Alan Gwiazdon,
                                                                                                                                              Lt. 'Coach' Andrew Gartner, Chief Keith Richter


                               Blake Sheehan presenting the Flag                                                        Salute after raising the Flag


                         Coach Mark Prosser along with his wife Trish, son Mark, receiving an award for his 25 years of service to Concord American.
                                    Presenting the award was one of Mark's current players, Michael McMurdo along with Michael's dad Dave.  Congratulations
                                    to Mark for the continuing contributions he has made to our children these many years.  Their love of baseball today is due to
                                    his wonderful and positive style of coaching,  Concord American is fortunate to have him in our league.

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